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May 31, 2019

We were a little torn as we continued along on our journey in Chapter 3. We were driving through states that were new to us and we wanted to spend time and check them out. We had heard that Wyoming and Colorado had countless things to see and do and views that just won’t quit, but we hadn’t counted on the weather. We thought the further South we went the better the weather would be, right. Not so, my friends!

The elevation we were driving through was often around 10 000 feet. Did you know that the highest elevation in Wyoming is 13 800 ft. and in Colorado is 14 433 ft., with their average being 6800 ft. I certainly did not, and what this meant is that during Oct the weather back at our home base, Shuswap Lake, BC in Canada, the sun was shining and people were out enjoying fall while we were battling winds and rain and racing to stay ahead of the snow!

Needless to say we had some long, not very fun travel days. But that’s just the way RV Life goes and I am thankful we had the choice to stay on the move in search of warmth and sun.

We were going a little stir crazy running away from Mother Nature’s little game of tag and we were so happy to get into the Cherry Creek State Park, just outside of Denver, CO. It was a beautiful place. The sites were spacious, it was well kept and had full hook ups for just a fraction of the price we had been paying on our way down.

Fall in Cherry Creek State Park near Denver, Co.

Cherry Creek State Park is 4000 acres of fun in nature. You can do just about everything you could want, depending on the time of year you go. There is a big lake that you can boat, fish, jet ski and lie on the beach at, as well as hiking and biking trails. You can even horseback ride here and again, depending on the season, they have rentals, a marina and sometimes even a place to get food and drinks. I only wish we could have stayed longer but even in poor weather the place was booked up. It seemed to be a very popular spot.

If you are already an RV’er you know this but for those of you who aren’t I have to explain just how nice people on the road are. There is always someone to strike up a conversation with and we all want to be outside as much as we can so it is easy to talk with folks. Kory was out doing his ‘blue chores’ one morning and got talking with our neighbour who told him about this great air museum in Denver that used to be an air base where he had worked many years before and he suggested we check it out.

So guess what we did, ya we checked it out. We went to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. It wasn’t too big so we were able to see everything and watch a great movie that flew us over the beautiful Colorado sights in sunny weather. We figured that was the best we were going to get on this visit so we really enjoyed it.

The museum was filled with many different types of aircraft, some that seemed futuristic and others that were similar to something Kory’s family had, minus the artillery, of course. What I really enjoyed was the Tribute to American Airmen Exhibit. It was a sculpture titled ‘Lest we forget! The Mission’ and it really captured the thoughts and emotions that these men carried with them everyday as they performed their duties on missions that they knew they may very well not return from, and sadly, most of them didn’t. It is a true piece of art work.

Of course, just this minor detour/delay in getting on the road allowed Mother Nature to catch up and she really came at us so what more is there to do for these RV Sometimers but wrap up in my blanky and hit the road.

Like I said we drove through Wyoming and Colorado in Oct 2018 and we really did stay in parking lots and a few way over priced private rv parks but the Cherry Creek State Park was by far our favourite and we highly recommend you check it out!

Send us your top places to stay and enjoy when in Wyoming and Colorado because we will for sure be going back in better weather. I feel like we got ripped off this time.

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    1. Hey, Denise and Kory! Love following your adventures. Sorry you had to endure the high elevation cold stuff- but sounds like you made the best of each situation.
      Safe travels! Hugs from Gretty, John and Penny.

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