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June 8, 2019

Back at the RV Museum I was pleasantly surprised to see a truck camper.

I had spent many many miles travelling in a truck camper. Our family was on the road from Central British Columbia all the way to Florida and back, as well as many other trips in the camper. When I say travelling IN a truck camper, I really mean it.

Back in those days we were allowed to ride unbuckled in the camper as mom and dad drove down the road. We would lay up on the top bunk and look out the front window as we drove. I know, looking back it probably wasn’t all that safe but it was the norm. We even had a big blow up tube thing that went between the cab of the truck and the lower window of the camper. Dad removed the lower window and we could crawl back and forth from the cab of the pick up into the camper and vice versa. Completely crazy! I guess there is a reason today’s campers don’t have that window.

Anyways, the places we went and things I saw and experienced as a little kid set an itch in me that we just have to keep scratching today. Once I learned there is so much out there that I didn’t know about the curiosity has never left me. It still gets the best of us and we just have to keep going.

Checking out the 1970 Avion camper brought so many memories back for me. This is a camper that makes you ask “Airstream?” when you look at the riveted aluminum rounded sides and I guess Airstream asked those questions in court a few times as well but never actually won.

I understand that the brothers who started the company manufacturing Avions, back in 1955 with a travel trailer, planned to make a product they thought was better then the Airstream and I’m not here to debate whether they did or not. I was just excited to go inside and see how this particular truck camper compared to the old Slumber Queen we used.

I loved the counter space. You all know how important counter space is to me and I think this camper’s counter was enormous even compared to campers of today. The sleeping arrangements, between the bunk and the dinette were good and the storage was great but the real icing on the cake in this camper was the wet bath. Wow! What a difference that would have made to our travel experience. I was just a little kid and I didn’t mind and thought it was kinda fun to check out all of the different shower houses and bathrooms but after growing up and becoming a parent I understand that my mom, with 3 kids, probably really could of used a bathroom in her rig!

Well I hope my little story taking you down memory lane, (and our video), has brought back a few memories of your own. I know we weren’t the only family that travelled like this and I would love to hear your stories too. Tell me about them in the comments, and if you want to see more of these Vintage RVs check them out here. Also JOIN US! for more here on the Blog or hit SUBSCRIBE on youtube, we would love to have you along.

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