Nakto Classic Electric Bike

June 14, 2019

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As you may know from a previous episode, Denise’s bike of 25+ Yrs was stolen from our site while we were staying in San Antonio.  We had been thinking of getting electric bikes in order to increase our range and to be able to get back from our destinations quickly after dark.  We chose this bike because it was a cool looking cruiser and it was relatively inexpensive in world of Electric bikes. It had both pedal assist and a throttle for controlling the electric motor.  Denise found that the electric assist was a little aggressive and found it difficult to navigate tight spots at low speed, as the assist would engage and send her where she didn’t want to be.  In order to avoid this we had to turn the electric mode off which also disabled the throttle.  To overcome this, with the removal of a single screw I was able to disable the pedal assist, allowing her to keep the electric option turned on and use the throttle whenever needed!  This has worked much better and she now zips past me on all of the hills, and to rub it in she doesn’t even pedal when she goes by.  On some of the bigger hills we have used a bungee setup that I hang onto, but wow, talk about an accident waiting to happen!  Courtney has been disciplining us on this so stay tuned as I may have to Join the Electric bike revolution as well!

7 Month Update (As of Oct. 2019)
  • We’ve travelled with the bike on a rack approx 4000 miles in all types of weather
  • We’ve used the bike at all destinations along the way.
  • So far no issues with any component of the bike, electronic or motor.
  • Bike cover used during transit and rainy days. Left exposed on a few rainy evenings with no issues so far.
  • Left in storage with our RV for 4 months, battery charge unchanged.
  • Still liking the bike, feel that for the price it has been well worth it!

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    1. Hey, Kory. Thank you for this review on Denise’s new electric bike! Wow! I would love to have one of these. Right now we have road bikes and mountain bikes. We are still enjoying our road biking and the simplicity of our mountain bikes for ease around campgrounds…but I see an e-bike in my future, and I will cetainly look into this one when I make that transition. (ewww…I am going to be 62 in August!)

    1. Thanks for the article. Never thought about an e-bike once I get the Airstream, was thinking if I needed something small I would get a moped, but an e-bike is a good idea. thanks! First things first though, I need to get the AS!

      1. Hey Terri,

        Oh ya, you will absolutely love an e-bike. Kory will be getting his here in the next month and we are super excited to both have one, although I have been towing him around and I think he kinda likes that too haha. First things first, lets find you the perfect Airstream, one of these days it’s going to happen.

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