Exploring Joshua Tree (Rock Climbing) Ch 1 Wd 5

July 20, 2018

OMG!  JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK!  Have you been? If not you need to go. Sometimes we felt like we were sitting in the spots that Hanna and Barbera were in when they created The Flintstones. Wasn’t that just the best cartoon?

We had heard a lot about it but you know you wonder is it just a lot of hype filled with a billion people? Well we sure got a lesson. Yes, there were people there but it didn’t feel overwhelming. Maybe it was because we were there in March and it was kind of cold, by my standards anyways, Kory was fine, as usual!

We took our bikes hoping to explore on them but it wasn’t really a bike trail kind of place. Although, we did find some interesting rocks to climb. HAHA yes we did some Bumby style rock climbing!

It was a very educational place, which I love. We learned about erosion over millions of years and the amazing plant life of the 2 deserts that come together.

RV camping here is wonderful but there is many more places for smaller rigs or tents then for us. I mean we could fit into a few of those spots but it would be hard so we stayed in Desert Hotsprings and then toured around Joshua Tree in the truck we rented.

I can’t really explain the beauty of the place so I will let you look at these pics and enjoy the video!

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We went to Joshua Tree National Park in March of 2018 and we stayed at Caliente Springs RV Park in Desert Hotsprings CA.

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