Horsing Around in Tombstone, AZ Chapter 1 Webisode 8

September 1, 2018

In this Webisode we found our way to Tombstone, AZ. The entire time we were there Kory caught “cowboyitis”. He really wanted to find a horse to ride and even threatened to shoot a guy!

In our RV we both have our jobs/rolls, you know, Kory is always the driver and I am always the sign reader (mostly because I have a little obsession with it, don’t laugh everyone has their issues). The thing is we just pick a place we want to go and Kory gets us there, with my sign reading guidance, but I actually don’t know where we are going, like how far it is or what the elevation is or what the terrain is, I just like the surprises.

BUT! I had just said goodbye to our friends in hot, sunny Mesa. I was warm and comfy then we arrive in Tombstone and I step outside of the Beaver and holy #!*% it was cold. The sun may have been out but that was just a trick. The wind was blowing and apparently the elevation is higher there and I was freezing.

So after a little climatization and an attitude adjustment we found our way into the historic town of Tombstone. Now, we are Canadian and from BC so we know a little about the history that goes with mining towns from the goldrush that happened here but it never ceases to amaze me how different our countries are sometimes. Tombstone presented information about the silver mine and of course the notorious gun fights like the one that took place at the OK Corral. There was a lot going on at Tombstone like reenactments, tours, shops, food and museums. It was very interesting to take a close look at the history in this town and how, in many ways, it is similar to today. I love going places where we learn new things and that is definitely what we got at Tombstone.

We know this is a popular tourist destination and we would love to hear about other people’s favourite parts. So, JOIN US here and subscribe, like and comment to the video to let us know what you liked about it.

We travelled to Tombstone in March of 2018

We stayed at the Tombstone RV Park and enjoyed the show at the OK Corarl.



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