2018 Coachman Freedom Express 248RBS

July 27, 2018

This week our review is of another towable. Towables of this size really are very popular and sales are soaring. This one belonged to O’Connor RV in Abbotsford BC.

Of course, as usual I love them all. I see so much potential for fun in each of them. The Coachman Freedom Express had some unique build details yet still remained in the “light” category and I did like it a lot.

The price on this trailer, at the RV show, was $36,000. We felt this was decent price and trailer was pretty nice and fairly well built. Again, there are pros and cons but we were happy with this one.

Another feature, that we didn’t discuss in the video that I do think is important, is the factory rep for Coachman really seemed to know his stuff and was available and willing to answer all of our questions. Part of a good purchase is having knowledgeable people and good service staff that are going to handle any concerns that you may have.

This trailer could be for a family or a couple and could be used for small or long trips but for the most part I envision a great family vacation for a couple of weeks or lots of weekends over the summer. I could also see Gramma and Grampa having a ball with the grandkids out at the lake.

Please feel free to scroll through the videos to get to the parts that you are most interested in. I have split them with titles as you go. Also please remember that these are just our opinions based on our research, (you can have your own) and we receive absolutely NO COMPENSATION from anyone to say anything we say. It’s just us and our thoughts and opinions.

We’d love to hear your thoughts too, so please feel free to leave a comment and join us for all of our upcoming reviews, adventures and rvSometimer videos!

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