Keystone Cougar 29BHS

June 30, 2018

We went to another great RV Show in Abbotsford BC called the Early Bird RV Show. There were so many RVs to see and it was really busy. We found this trailer in the section set up by

This was one of our first attempts at filming a review and we really learned a lot. Helloooo! Kory my head is up here. HAHA and I need to talk waaaay more loudly and we probably need to invest in a different mic. No worries everyone we will get it just hang in there with us. But all in all we were able to capture the important details of a great travel trailer and hope you get the info you need from the review.

We thought this trailer was a good family trailer and the space was really functional. It was big enough to be inside on a rainy day yet not too big that you need a humongous truck. It could do for a full-time family trying to keep the budget down as the price at the show was $44 000. We think it is not for a Snowbird or a couple just because there are better floorpans for smaller numbers of people.

Please feel free to scroll through the videos to get to the parts that you are most interested in. I have split them with titles as you go. Also please remember that these are just our opinions based on our research, (you can have your own) and we receive absolutely NO COMPENSATION from anyone to say anything we say. It’s just us and our thoughts and opinions.

We’d love to hear your thoughts too, so please feel free to leave a comment and join us for all of our upcoming reviews, adventures and Sometimer videos!

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