Vintage 1936 Alma Silvermoon

December 24, 2018

Historically, 1936 was a pretty tough year for most folks. The Depression continued as Germany, Italy and Japan planned for WWII. In light of these facts, the construction and sale of a travel trailer seems odd to me. I guess folks who had the means were enjoying life and no one really could have imagined what was coming their way.

The average American household income was around $1700.00/year in 1936. So the price of the Alma, which seems inexpensive today ($350-$550) for a travel trailer, really was a huge expense, a splurge! Don’t forget whoever owned this trailer also had to have some sort of vehicle to tow it and a Studebaker car cost $665.00.

I can only imagine the family that was lucky enough to own the Alma, the places they went and the memories they made in it. It was an innovative trailer in it’s day and I found it quite spacious and comfortable for it’s small 16′ length.

I really enjoyed just sitting in it and thinking about the days gone by. Even today I would love to have one like this of our own (of course we are pretty partial to having a bathroom).

The RV Museum was a wonderful place that took us back to a very different era. I think you all should go and check out what they have there if you are ever passing through Amarillo, TX. We were in Amarillo in Oct 2018 and most often we had the RV Museum to ourselves almost. Yes, we went a few times, couldn’t resist.

If you have been or are planning to go now please drop us a line and tell us which one was your favourite. We’d love to hear.

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