Grand Design Reflection // Luxury on a Budget // 303RLS

April 28, 2019

I compare RVs all of the time and it is a tough job, (come on people do I hear an Awww! out there?). No really, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration and the biggest that makes the job hard is that different levels of trailers offer different levels of amenities and finishes for different dollars!

When looking at the Grand Design Reflection 303 RLS I’m taking into consideration the construction quality, floorplan, finishes and the differences between it and a model that may have higher levels of these things.

The Grand Design Reflection is a very popular trailer and there are reasons for this. We found that you may give up a little here and there but you still get a great trailer for a good price.

Our Likes!

  1. We always like when you can get at the essentials easily while the slides are in.
  2. We liked that you can get around the bed easily and reach the upper cabinets over the bed easily.
  3. We really like the coffee/bar counter and cabinetry in the kitchen.
  4. We like that this is a smaller trailer and is therefore easier to travel with yet you are not losing any functionality in space.
  5. We also were impressed with the tank sizes even though this is a bit smaller trailer.

Our Dislikes!

  1. The pull-out bed was really heavy for me to get out (but I don’t think overall it is that big of a deal when you consider the frequency that I would be pulling it out)
  2. This trailer comes standard with single pane windows (double pane is an option). I think double pane should be standard.
  3. Some of the upper cabinetry, like over the couch, are just too high to be all that useful to us.
  4. The control panel is also too high on the wall.

So you can see that overall we think this is a great trailer at a great price. It is very functional, a good floor plan, nicely appointed but not the highest level and for that you get a better price. So ‘why not’ I ask?

We think this would be a wonderful choice for a couple who has occasional visitors. It would easily accommodate the RV Sometimer Lifestyle but could also be used by full-timers, weekend warriors, snowbirds or vacationers alike. It would not be the greatest for a family though.

Folks using this can take it to most RV Parks or boondocking but it would not be nice to drag it out into the bush or off roading.

If you can see yourself in this one you can ask Camper Clinic in Rockport, Texas. I’m sure they would be happy to show you or you can get more info from Grand Designthemselves.

If you have the Reflection 303 RLS or are thinking about getting one, we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, please leave us a comment. We’d also love to have you along so JOIN US! here, on Instagram, on Youtube and check out all of our other reviews, adventures and RV Sometimer posts/videos.

Please remember that these are just our opinions based on our research, (you can have your own) and we receive absolutely NO COMPENSATION from any manufacturer or dealership to say anything we say. It’s just us and our thoughts and opinions.

More about Denise

I am a RV lover. All things RV are intriguing to me right down to the little details. I love to travel, especially in the Beaver, and combining our adventures with our reviews really is having my cake and eating it too. We are rvSometimers, meaning that we do things just a little different then most RV vloggers but it just goes to show that anyone can fit into this lifestyle.

    1. Need review of the Minnie plus 5th wheels now after watching about the trailers of the same name.

      1. Thanks for joining us Kevin, and a review of the Minnnie Plus bumper pull 30RLSS is coming out tomorrow. Hope you will watch it. It is built the same as the 5th wheel with the same upgrades etc.. other then the chassis you will find it the same, but never fear if I can get into a 5th wheel I will.

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