We can’t seem to get anywhere! (Our data plan search) Chapter 1 Webisode 3

June 24, 2018

Two important things to mention here.

First, I didn’t capture it on video but 2 cars actually made it past the police barricade and didn’t seem to notice the downed live wire and struck it creating a sparking frenzy yet they just carried on like nothing happened. Crazy right!

Second, I know we aren’t the only people going through this but why oh why have we not heard about other people’s struggles?

We thought it would be so simple. All Canadian cell phone carriers are required to unlock phones when they are sold now so that people like us can easily use their phone anywhere. So we thought we would just get a new Verizon sim card with the unlimited data plan and use the hotspot or we have a Verizon hub that can be reloaded (or so they told us when we bought it). So we thought we had a couple of options. NOT!!!

So after this time consuming, laborious, frustrating chore we truly came up with nothing! Yep you heard it right ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

It turns out that Telus does not partner with Verizon but even though it does with AT&T and T-Mobile those were not options either! Arrrrgh! These two carriers did not have the coverage we were looking for but we thought we could make due until we found out that the plans are not unlimited and you can’t really use them for making a hotspot or the speed will be throttled back so severely that it renders them almost useless.

So in the end we managed to limp along with the extra data that Telus gave us for our 3 hrs on the phone while they figured out nothing and rv park wi-fi, which is notoriously poor.

On our next trip down we will work on this again and let you know how it goes but I think we will try to figure out the reloading of our Verizon hub. We already know this is a problem because we purchased it outright with no contracts and were told it could be reloaded but according to Verizon we failed to pay on ongoing fee for the device so it may have been cancelled. But of course this is all news to us.

Anyhow hang in there with us while we figure something out. I know there are lots of blogs out there with more information on the issue so standby while I learn more.

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