Copper Queen Mine // Bisbee, AZ Chapter 1 Webisode 9

October 1, 2018

When we go to new places we try to figure out what is interesting or puts a place on the map. By doing this we often find out about a town’s history, and Bisbee, AZ had a long history.

In this Webisode we take a tour of the Copper Queen Mine. Wow! We did not know how mining really worked in the old days and just how much has been extracted over the years. Take a look and learn just a fraction of what we did.

We also learned that when a RV Park says “Big Rig Friendly” it really is open to interpretation. We don’t even tow a car and it was really tough getting into the Queen Mine RV Park. Once we got up there it was a great view and an ok place but not something we would want to do again. Stress was a little high during this maneuver.

We really love learning and sharing new things with you all so feel free leave us a comment if you enjoyed it too!

We travelled to Bisbee, AZ in March 2018

We stayed at the Queen Mine RV Park

Book your tour through the Copper Queen Mine too


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