Oregon Coast Aquarium Adventure, Chapter 1 Webisode 2

May 12, 2018

We love going to new places and seeing new things but I have to admit I probably think I am more of an adventurer then I really am. But places like the Aquarium give me just what I need.

I’m never going to be a diver that sinks herself down to beautiful depths watching the wonders of the sea in all of its silence and intrigue while carrying everything I need to survive in a tank on my back.

Never, this is never going to happen! The first time I snorkelled I had a panic attack while wearing the mask and snorkel and my feet were still on the ground. I had just put my face in the water. I had to send Courtney off to go with Kory while I managed to get myself under control.

I’m sure Kory would tell you that I am a blast to snorkel with too, as the entire time I’m doing it I make sure I can reach him, his fins or his shorts (that’s the part he really hates!) I say hey, do them up tighter. I guess he doesn’t think it is all that peaceful as I keep trying to talk or show him something which inevitably leads to some water intake, then the panic, then the grabbing. I do try to make it the peaceful, beautiful experience it is supposed to be but my fear of drowning always gets the best of me.

I don’t understand why any sensible, oxygen breathing person would laden themselves with weights and heavy tanks that will drag them down to the depths of the ocean floor to see the beautiful wonders that I can see at an aquarium. I guess each to his own but I am sure thankful for aquariums!

We’ve been to Newport before and said we should go to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and it didn’t disappoint. I love the fish! I love the sea life! and I love breathing and being dry and warm while I do it!



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