February 8, 2018

We are a couple who enjoys adventures and new places, and what better way to experience that then in our RV.  We are self proclaimed Sometimers. Meaning we love to be in our RV and we go for a couple of months at a time, but we also have a home that we love to spend time at too.

I am an RV nut who has been dreaming about owning one since I was 7 yrs old and got the best Christmas present ever. My yellow Barbie motorhome. I spent hours just imagining what it would be like to spend time in a real one. I loved every small detail of all of the convertible pieces and  how all of this could be lived in while moving from place to place.

Ever since I was about 6, my family of 5, spent a lot of time on the road in a pick-up and camper.  For many years we travelled for vacation to many great tourist destinations. We did it in a camper that was actually small enough to fit into the box of the truck with the tailgate closed, ya all 5 of us and 2 small dogs! Looking back I don’t know how my mom did it but I do remember having the time of my life, even though I often slept in the little fold down cupboard bunk thing above the table. I don’t even know how that could be counted as a bed, lucky I was a small kid. Our longest trip was from central BC Canada all the way to Orlando, Fl. We also went many times down the West coast to San Diego.

Kory grew up in a very small rural area that only had about 28 kids in his entire school.  When you live in a place like that kids really learn to make their own adventure. He spent those years snowmobiling, river boating, fishing, hunting, and even building a log cabin with his friends in the bush all before he was 12. His kind of adventure was different from mine but the desire to be out and experiencing the world was how we grew up.

I loved to travel. I loved reading maps, ya that is what we used back then. I loved seeing and experiencing new places.

Later in life I convinced Kory that we needed an RV of our own and we started heading out on weekend camping trips and longer vacations with our daughter. She still has fond memories of our Easter trips where the bunny always found her no matter where she went! Don’t get me wrong a small child and 2 wet dogs in a 22′ trailer (no slides too early for that), when the rain hadn’t stopped for days, did make us question how fun this RV thing really was. But nothing is ever perfect and we got through the rough times because mostly it was freedom and fun.

There was also a period in our lives when we had a 44′ houseboat that we would spend 20-30 days/summer on for many years. It was so fun, beautiful and serene. We made many a family memory on that boat. Her name was Big V.

Fast forward to about 5yrs ago. Our daughter was graduating and making her own life plans and the boat just wasn’t the same anymore so I managed to convince Kory that it was time to venture further out and we would need a new RV to do it with.



When we found The Beav we knew it was just perfect! It was everything we wanted or could even dream of.

Since that time we’ve been on many adventures and it’s always something new for us. New places, new challenges, new memories and new people and we can’t wait for more.

My childhood intrigue and wonder is just as strong today and it seems that I can’t quite get enough of RVs. I could stay at an RV show for a week if Kory would let me and I admit it I’m that person going around the campground creeping everyone out as I check out every aspect of their RVs.

So we decided to share our adventures and my love of RVs here on this blog. We hope to entertain you, inspire you and give you some information about RVs, RV life and how we do it as Sometimers. That’s right we aren’t Fulltimers, we aren’t Snowbirds and we aren’t Weekend Warriors. We are Sometimers!

If you are a Sometimer too or hope to be one please Join Us! We want to hear from all types of RVers, about what works for you, how you do it and which RV you have or dream of having. They are all just so fun.

Hope you like what we have to share.

More about Denise

I am a RV lover. All things RV are intriguing to me right down to the little details. I love to travel, especially in the Beaver, and combining our adventures with our reviews really is having my cake and eating it too. We are rvSometimers, meaning that we do things just a little different then most RV vloggers but it just goes to show that anyone can fit into this lifestyle.

    1. So nice to meet you and Kory today in Wellington at NomadFEST. This is a beautiful blog- congratulations! John and I hope to spend more time with you all and feel free to come love on Penny girl anytime.
      Happy trails and happy writing-

      1. Thanks Gretty, nice to meet you guys as well. I did check out your blog, seems like you have been a very busy and helpful person over the years. I also see you don’t need to enter our BBQ draw, haha. We will definitely take every opportunity over the wknd to put our hands on Penny.

        TTYS, Denise

    1. Kory and Denise, It was a pleasure to meet you in San Antonio, TX. I have join following your adventure and I have showed you site to my brother as he and his wife just retired. They have a new RV and have some area they want to see but your trip sound so much like what you guys are doing. You have given me more ideas of places I need to visit. Canada is on my bucket list more now after listening to you guys talking. Hope you have a safe travels!!!!

      1. Ohhh, thanks for watching and sharing Terry. It was great to meet you too. We love chatting and learning about other people’s travels and sharing our adventures. We’d love to chat or meet up with your brother sometime too, hopefully he watches and reaches out. It all just makes the world a little bit smaller. Where will you go to next?

    1. An awesome website! I’ve been interested in traveling since I was a boy. Whether it’s around the country, or it’s around the world, if I can see what’s “over there!,” I’d like to visit. I just need to find someone who’s also interested in traveling. Keep up the good work. 🙂


      1. Awww, thanks for the kind words we really appreciate it. I know what you mean about wanting to always see ‘what’s over there’. There is so much to see in this world. Although it is a bonus to have a travelling partner, don’t let that hold you back there are lots of solo travellers out there whether it be in an RV or other types of travel. There is group travel as well, who knows maybe that is how you will find that special person. Go for it, see what you want to see, go where you want to go, be the person you want to find! Good Luck we will stand-by to hear about your adventures.

    1. Having subscribed to your YouTube channel and now reading some of your blog…And realizing we are in the same neck of the woods! Not sure where in BC you call home, but, in the scope of the entire world…we’re like…neighbours!! Our sticks and bricks is in the southern interior, but, I’m a displaced Island Girl, having grown up in Campbell River, and still spending part of my time there with my Mom being there as well as 3 of my 5 kids and 5 grands. We have spent time living in Dease Lake, Smithers and own property in the very most northern part of BC, where we spend several months each fall and spring. We own a total of 4 RVs, only 2 of which are road worthy.
      My own little RV is Honey and she is my personal escape pod. A 1992 Toyota motorhome and sweet as can be! Anyhoo…just wanted to connect and say hi! So HI!!!-Sue

      1. It’s so great to get to know you. We are practically neighbours. Our daughter lives in Victoria, so we are on the island a lot too. You will see lots of familiar places in our videos, beaches, ferry crossings, hwys to Northern BC, Kitimat, FSJ, Ft Nelson, Whistler, Squamish, Vancouver, Hell’s Gate, Barkerville and on and on. Where is your place in Norther BC? I bet your Toyota motorhome is the coolest thing. Small and unique. I’d love to see it. So glad you’ve joined us.

    1. I wondered. Does the Beav ever come home? Do you not worry about leaving it in storage in a foreign land
      I say it as such because with borders being closed I would think its an odd feeling. 2 friends of mine have weekend places in Bellingham and they cannot check on it. Just curious.

      1. Hey Ellen,

        Great question. The Beav has not been back to our home base now for quite awhile. So the answer is yes and no. We worry about it being far from us when we can’t check on it ourselves but we do keep in touch with the folks at the storage and they keep us up to date and we do keep good insurance on it. We for sure don’t like the situation with the borders closed because we have no control to go and get it if we feel we need to and we are worried about not being able to carry on on our next adventure because we can’t get to it. These are problems that we will just wait and see about as things are changing on a daily basis. The reason we don’t worry about it is that we pick really good places for it to be stored. It is indoors, climate controlled and locked up. The decision to leave the Beav stored in US while we returned to Canada was a tough one but we knew we would have to self quarantine for 2 wks when we retuned to Canada and we were afraid that if we crossed the border by road in Ontario (which would have been the closest border crossing) they would make us stay put and do our quarantine time there and we would not be able to get back to BC (where our daughter is). So we made the decision to store in the US and fly back into BC so we would be assured to do our quarantine time close to family. Check out our return home video https://youtu.be/uyQh9bKU21Q to learn more about that. We get your friends concerns to. It is just a tough situation from all angles right now. The place we had it at 2 storage times ago actually ended up having a bunch of tornados touch down all around it one night and the owner tells us they never have tornados there, so you just never know what can happen. Kory is very diligent about checking weather and picking places that aren’t known for extreme weather but sometimes you just can’t predict.

    1. I’ve been enjoying your YouTube channel, so nice to read your blog and find out more about you both.

      1. We are so glad to have you along watching and reading. We are trying to find more ways to share information and connect with folks. We love making videos but we can tell you more about things in blog posts and chat like this. So thanks for commenting. Tell us more about you. Where do you live?

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