January 21, 2019


Today was a special day! After a lot of learning and hard work to build this BLOG and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL I was featured on the immensely popular and informative podcast, Problogger. Ahhhh! Can you believe that! Listen to PODCAST #270 NOW if you haven’t already.

Darren Rowse, the founder and voice of the Problogger Podcast, (and many other successful blogs)  asked for students from his Free Start a Blog Course to update listeners on how we were doing. I sent him my story of being lost and in tears to finding my new ‘thing’ and actually becoming a real life vlogger/blogger, a small one I know but I’m counting on all of you to help change that! Please SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL and JOIN US HERE ——————>>>>>>>

I truly believe if I can do this SO CAN YOU! The internet is a very big, intimidating and complicated thing that is so rich in resources that we really can find the answers to all of our questions, even the most basic ones. By taking my time and being patient with myself I was able to build this site and the youtube channel. The Problogger Course and the wealth of information I find in the podcasts and posts helps me understand what I need to do and then anything else I need, I just go searching for the answers.

I know there are lots of people out there just like me and I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment so we can talk. If nothing else please JOIN US on this blog and CLICK THE RED SUBSCRIBE BUTTON so we can have some fun together living our RV SOMETIMER life all over North America.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

More about Denise

I am a RV lover. All things RV are intriguing to me right down to the little details. I love to travel, especially in the Beaver, and combining our adventures with our reviews really is having my cake and eating it too. We are rvSometimers, meaning that we do things just a little different then most RV vloggers but it just goes to show that anyone can fit into this lifestyle.

    1. Congratulations Denise! I stummbled across Problogger and your segment. I really connected with your story. I am in a similar life situation…empty nest, lost passion in my career and struggling to find my new purpose. So your story led me to your site and it’s a joy!

      My husband and I have been researching RV’s! We have always loved traveling and camping.

      Thank you for the wonderful site and blogs! Keep it up!!

      1. Wow, Thank you so much for your kind words Amy.

        Life does seem to have a way of throwing us off, sometimes more severely than others. I really didn’t know how much feeling purposeful impacted our mental health but it really does! And that purpose MUST be in a way that matters to YOU.

        So many people would tell me how I was still important or doing important things, or I should do this or that, but it really only changed when I found the thing that mattered to me.

        What is funny about that is all those other people wouldn’t consider blogging/vlogging important or useful, but I DO and it makes me feel good. It is so different from anything else I have ever done and I feel good about the learning and the sharing and the great new friends I am making.

        If you are researching RVs I hope we are helping. One thing I know for sure is there is an RV out there for everyone and I get so excited when people get one and just come out and join us in the fun.

        Anyone can do it. We all have unique challenges but for us that is part of the fun, figuring out how to get around those and it just adds to our list of accomplishments when we figure out something new or in our case sometimes, again!

        Please join us here and subscribe to our youtube channel if you haven’t already. I’d love to get to know you more and hear about how all of these changes are going for you in the days ahead.

        Thanks again Amy

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