Sony AX-53 Video Cam

May 30, 2019

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Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Cam

Denise didn’t know it, ….. or really even mention it, but I was pretty sure that for her Birthday she was itching for a new camera with a really good optical zoom and ability to film in lower light conditions! We, I mean She, loves the 20X optical zoom and the advanced stabilization system that keeps everything steady.  I was pretty sure we needed a camera that could operate in full automatic yet, she really wanted the ability to fine tune with full manual adjustments allowing us, I mean her, to experiment and grow into the camera’s capabilities.  This has become our primary camera for general footage beginning in Chapter 3 and for RV Reviews after and including the Van Conversion that was published in Nov 2018.  Believe it or not we have yet to outgrow the capabilities of this camera, haha!  This was definitely a bigger hit than the rake she got on Mothers Day!

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