Sony Action Cam

May 17, 2019

We wanted to give you our opinion on the Stuff We Use and let you know, if we don’t honestly like something it won’t make it on our list. There are affiliate links located within each product listed, which simply means that if you click through and purchase an item (it will cost you nothing extra) we will receive a small commission as well to help us keep creating content to share with you.

This was priced right to get us started on Youtube. It was the first camera we purchased and was our primary camera for Chapter 1 & 2 as well as RV reviews up to Sept 2018. It was purchased based on a review recommendation from Jason with Gone with the Wynns and has not disappointed. It truly has excellent image stabilization and a port for an external mic.  The HD image quality is very good and I like that even on the widest frame setting it has far less image distortion (fish eye) than other leading action cams on the market at that time. More recently we have used this camera for a lot of our B-roll footage and as a mounted camera for action shots like bikes snowmobiles, or vehicles!

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Sony also offers this camera in a 4K version with the ability to turn the camera on or off remotely which would be very handy when mounting on the exterior of a vehicle.

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Action Cam protective lense

Sony AKA-MCP1 Multicoat Protector for Action Cam. We always use this lense cover or the underwater cover the camera comes with.  It doesn’t seem to distort the image at all and is much cheaper to replace than the camera if it were to get scratched. There is really nothing more to say here!

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