DSM Gift Giving Guide 2020

November 17, 2020

2020 is coming to a close and it’s that time of year when we get excited about giving gifts to those near and dear to us. We are super excited this year to share ‘A Few of Our Favourite Things’ with you!

We will be here at our home base in British Columbia, as we have been since March, because it’s the place we most want to be during the Holiday Season.

In the RV Loving Spirit our Favourite Things are all items we use when we are on the road in our RVs and when we are at our home base too. So no matter where you are at right now, in a RV or in a home, these are great useful gift ideas for you to put on your own wish list or for you to give to the RV Lover in your life… so that you can be the best gift giver ever!

We also wanted to share a little gift we have just for you! It’s our Free Downloadable ‘Easiest Wish List Ever‘. You can personalize it by checking off all of the things you want and sending it off to the people who ‘never know what to get you’. See, you are already giving them a gift! You have just become the ‘easiest person to buy for’!

Click the download button, open from your downloads folder, personalize and share! Have fun.

Our Gift Giving Guide is totally not sponsored by anyone it’s just our opinions as always, but it will include some buy links that are affiliates and will help us out with a few cents. Don’t worry they won’t cost you even one penny more and your support helps us to keep researching and sharing more in 2021. Happy Holidays to you from us. We sincerely appreciate the time you take to watch, read, comment, and just hang out with us.

Now, let’s ‘dash away, dash away’ on with the Gift Giving Guide!

Our Travel Helpers

We’re RV Sometimers. We don’t bring a car and we often fly. Here’s a couple of things that help us out with that!

We fly a lot and last year we had to take our Grand Dogger Ellie with us. If you are a flyer or have one on your list that wants to fly with their pet this is a fantastic carrier. Completely approved by airlines and super comfortable for her. She loved it and just hung out in it while we were in the airport and while flying. There was lots of space for her to see out and spots for her to poke her head out or for me to snuggle her. Get it here!

Nakto Classic E-bike

We don’t tow a car and we love to explore city and country by bike. We buy groceries, go on tours, ride to public transit, and just about anything else we can think of. Having an E-bike increases our range and helps me out when there are steep inclines. You can put it on your list or get it here!

Our bikes are so important to us so the tools we use to take care of them are as well. We have put over 72,000km (45,000 miles) on our bike rack and a little less on the cover and we wouldn’t trade them for anything. They work flawlessly. Get the Bike Rack or Bike Cover here!

Our Essentials

Once we are in the Beaver (in the US) or in Penelope (in BC, Canada) we have some items that we just love and are really necessary for us. Some of our recommendations are to actual stuff, but we really try hard to keep our stuff to a minimum. Our other recommendations are for digital things or experiences that make RV Life simpler, more fun, and less expensive! If you are new at it some of these recommendations will make all the difference to help you get off on the right foot.

Kory loving his Weber
Weber Q1200 Grill

This is our absolute all time favourite Grill. We have one in the Beaver we have been using for years, we gave one away as a prize this year and we just bought another for Penelope. They are the perfect size, easy to set up and store, and they come in totally cool colours. Get yours here.

Weber Q Portable Cart

You know when you aren’t supposed to put your BBQ on the picnic table at a campground but you want to use the table you brought for other stuff. This is the answer. Our Weber Q1200 fits on it perfectly. It is easy to set up and wheel to wherever Kory wants it and it is super light and easy to store. You can get it here.

A Good Nights Sleep

A good night’s rest is the gift that keeps on giving. We put a new mattress in Penelope this summer. It needed to be economical, comfy and fit the RV. We went with a Juno mattress but as we were searching we found that this company also makes other RV specific sized mattresses and they have a specific one that they send to the US. So, if you want to give the gift of a good night’s sleep this year, we included all of them for you to check out. Novusbed for those of you in the US, Juno the economy mattress we love, and Douglas with it’s RV specific sizes.

Quick Cleaning

Dyson V7

Space is a premium in a RV and it can get dirty easy when you live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. We went through a few cleaning devices and finally hit the jackpot with our Dyson V7. It is easy to store, easy to charge and has various attachments to clean all kinds of surfaces. We love it and it is a great gift to give and receive. To make your life or someone else’s easier click here!

To Start Our Day Off

Bialetti Stove Top Espresso Maker

We love our 1 Cup of Coffee/Day habit and our stovetop espresso maker is so easy to use and clean and of course for all of us RVers it requires no power to make great espresso. Small, easy to store, never going to break and nice to look at. The perfect gift to give. We have one in the Beaver and at our home base. Get one here.

Really! We Do This!

If you are one of those loyal subscribers who has been following along for any amount of time, you know that there are some things that just make our lives in the Beaver, in Penelope, and at our home base easier.

Hahaha – we know you are laughing with us but for real these are super convenient tools. We have the folding stool in the Beaver, in Penelope, and at our home base because we seem to need a stool everyday and having a sturdy one on hand is important. This one folds and tucks out of the way and is easy to grab when needed. Now, those wooden spoons are sooooo versatile. They are not just for stirring or serving but these make the best extension for reaching buttons, pushing things back or getting behind to pull things forward, you name it we can use a spoon for it! So make sure these are on your list and they make wonderful gifts for the RVer in your life. Here’s where you can get the Stool and the Spoons.

Fun with Friends and Family

Play Anywhere, Take Anywhere Game

In times like these the holidays are going to look a little different for most of us. We are spending it in smaller groups, maybe even just 2 or we are connecting with friends and family by some sort of digital means, zoom, facetime or just over the phone. Part of our connecting and fun time usually includes playing some games and we have found the perfect one for you. 501 Questions – A Travel Game can be used in so many different situations and played any way you want. Driving down the road, sitting around a table, over your computer and by any age group. Ask each other some questions and see what kind of answers you all come up with. It is so much fun you won’t want to stop playing. Put it on your list or grab a few copies (a real book or in digital format) for all of the households or RVholds you know. The more the Merrier. Get it here.

The Digital Stuff

You can get these RV Research tools in physical books or digital versions and these are just a few of the resources you can get your hands on from RV Reviews. Totally unbiased (just like us) with years of information on many many manufacturers to compare. We think this is an essential tool if you or someone you know is considering purchasing a new or used RV. This is the gift of knowledge, piece of mind and quite possibly huge financial savings. Put RV Reviews on your list or get your special person the exact resource they need by clicking here. Here’s our special gift for you. It’s 20% off with the coupon code DSM20.


Short, easy courses full of valuable information that you can do at your own pace from the comfort of home or your RV, developed by experienced knowledgeable people. We haven’t done one of these yet but Boondocking 101 is on our list this year. We know a couple of the course teachers personally and we know this is legit stuff (otherwise we would not be telling you about it). You will learn from people with loads of experience in the RV Lifestyle whether you are new to it or just looking to try something different. RV Masterclass courses are a great gift idea to put on your own list (like we did) or give to the RV lover on your list. Check out RV Masterclasses here.


Passport America Membership

Passport America is a campground membership. We use it all of the time and it really does save us 50% on a night’s stay or sometimes longer. There are details to be checked and followed but it has saved us a lot of money and is a great membership to have or give. Try it out.

Boondockers Welcome Membership


A membership to the Boondockers Welcome platform should be on your list for sure and if you want to give a gift that saves your RV lover money and gives them an experience that will become a memory, this is the gift! We use it as often as possible. The membership gives you access to a platform where you can find hosts all over North America who are sharing their properties, some with a few amenities most are boondocking spots, where RVs stay for free. We have stayed at a sugar shack among the Maple trees of Quebec in the fall and right outside of big cities like Toronto. We are even hosts on the platform, so you can join us when we are at our home base on the shores of the beautiful Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. This is a fabulous gift choice.

For the Vlogger/Photographer

Camera gear is always one of those things people like to put on their wish lists. We could go on and on about our’s but you can find lots of that here. We just wanted to share a couple of items that have helped us out a lot this year and could be just the right gift for you to give the vlogger in your life.

Our Lowepro Fastpack BP 150 backpack is actually fairly small in the scheme of gear bags out there but it carries pretty much everything we need for a day of filming on a dealership or at an RV Show. We can fit the essential camera gear, gimbal, batteries, microphones, research information and even a snack for Kory in it. The Fastpack BP 150 is a really nice gift to help a vlogger/photographer stay organized and have everything they need on hand. If your gear is larger check out the Fastpack BP 250.

Weebill Gimbal

For the person who loves shooting video and is ready to upgrade to a smoother picture or if that is you, we highly recommend our Weebill gimbal. It fits many different cameras and takes any harsh movements out to make you look like a pro. You know you want it on your list or are you going to be the hero of gift giving when you wrap this one up. Get your’s here

Last But Not Least

We wanted to share a gift that everyone can use but has to get a new one every year. You can get one for Canada and one for the US and the benefits to RVers are huge but like we said anyone can use it.

You must get a National Park Pass. Depending on where you are going in Canada you can make it for one park or all and in the US it works for them all and there are a whole bunch of other perks that go with it too. We want to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the National Parks. So if you are getting ideas from our Gift Giving Guide to give to others or for ideas to put on your own list you gotta include this one. Here are the links to get your’s Canada or the United States

Whew! So that’s our 2020 Holiday Gift Giving Guide. We wanted to give you lots to think about and put on your list. We’ve even included an Interactive, Personalized ‘Easiest Wish List Ever’ that you can download for free, check off the items you know you want and then share the list with your family and friends it’s so much easier than searching and writing your own. Be the gift giving hero this year, get your shopping done early and cash in on those Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. Stay tuned there is more deals to come

Click the download button, open from your downloads folder, personalize and share! Have fun.

Stay Bright, Be Cheery and Happy Holidays!

More about Denise

I am a RV lover. All things RV are intriguing to me right down to the little details. I love to travel, especially in the Beaver, and combining our adventures with our reviews really is having my cake and eating it too. We are rvSometimers, meaning that we do things just a little different then most RV vloggers but it just goes to show that anyone can fit into this lifestyle.

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