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October 10, 2019

We wanted to give you our opinion on the Stuff we use and let you know, if we don’t honestly like something it won’t make it on our list. Also, there are affiliate links located within each product listed. An affiliate link simply means that if you click through and purchase an item (it will cost you nothing extra) we will receive a small commission as well. We hope you like the content we create for you and will choose to do your shopping through our affiliate links as it is a great way to help keep us creating and sharing…Thanks for Joining us and we look forward to showing you more.

We are RV Sometimers, travelling around checking out great places and things is what we love doing. On our travels and with our Youtube channel, there has been a lot of stuff we have purchased, used, and would recommend to others. So we are putting it all together here to share with you.

For Adventure on the Water!

Our Thoughts on the Explorer K2

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See Why we Chose this Life Vest

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Adventure on Land!

Our Initial Purchase and 7 month update

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About this Cover

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More about Kory Bumby

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    1. The RVing lifestyle affords you access to secluded parks and campgrounds that are off the beaten path. Here you can bask in the absolute quiet of your remote campsite and revel in the solitude that being in nature provides.

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