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October 10, 2019

We wanted to give you our opinion on the Stuff We Use and let you know, if we don’t honestly like something it won’t make it on our list. There are affiliate links located within each product listed, which simply means that if you click through and purchase an item (it will cost you nothing extra) we will receive a small commission as well to help us keep creating content to share with you

Weatherproof and made from Heavy Duty Ripstop material this has been a great cover. The picture to the left was taken after approx 4000 miles of road travel on our bike rack. There was a small puncture in the fabric after the first hundred miles from the end of the kickstand, but the ripstop material really works and limited it to a small hole. By putting the kickstand in the down position it eliminated this from happening again and we have had no further issues. With the the integrated under strap and drawstring it stays in place while on the road. We purchased the XL cover and it covers the 2 bikes nicely. If you are covering 2 larger bikes I would recommend the XXL. Would definitely buy this cover again!

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    1. We have 2 of the Pro Bike covers for our Rad Power Bikes and they are amazing. It’ll tighten around the bikes at the bottom so while going down the road they won’t fly off. Very easy to put on and take off. Very durable.

      1. Hey Michelle. Glad you like yours too. You are right they never really flap around. We watch them in the back up camera sometimes or when I am driving behind always nice fitting.

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