The Beaver Birthday Bath // How we maintain our coach’s exterior

December 2, 2018

Some people think being on the road for special occasions is hard/complicated/ bad, but it’s not, really!

We still work it out to spend time together as a family to have a celebration and technology allows us to video chat and spend time together that way. Gift giving is still fun but doesn’t necessarily come in a box or have a bow on it. We believe that gifts don’t have to be things but can be experiences or services.

This is how Kory got a full detailing on the Beaver for his birthday! It’s not something he would do often but it is something that I know he loves. It makes him feel really good to know he is taking good care of our coach, protecting the roof and paint and he loves how great it looks afterward.

These mobile detailing guys in Indio, CA do such a great job and Kory trusts them not do damage, which is always a fear we have when having any service done to the Beaver. Sometimes you can take her in for 1 thing and come out with 2 others. Getting reputable trustworthy service is very important to us.

Celebrating an occasion on the road is fun and a good time to try out new restaurants or things to do. We checked out a place online with good reviews called the Jackalope Ranch and it turned out to be great. We left with smiles on our faces’ and our tummies full.

Tell us how you celebrate your special occasions on the road. Maybe Kory can get some good ideas for my birthday.

We filmed this fun day in April 2018.

You can get a hold of Dynamic Mobile Detailing through their facebook page if you want to get your rig done too.

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