Exploring Vancouver and Victoria Chapter 2 Webisode 4

March 1, 2019

I know, I know, we can’t seem to sit still! There’s just too much to see.

Two of the biggest cities in British Columbia are Vancouver and Victoria and we love them both. I wouldn’t call us city people but we are for sure city visitor people. We love being there for a little while but then we are off to slower quieter places.

Both cities are beautiful with flowers, green space and of course the Pacific Ocean. They both are very bike friendly and have endless choices to eat.

We did not bring the Beaver on this trip but chose to stay in a #Airbnb instead. We often do this in these cities because it is actually less expensive when you consider costs like fuel and ferries. But if you want to bring your RV each city does have an RV park very close to all of the fun. When I say close I mean biking distance and they both have excellent transit systems so it is really easy to get around.

In the summer especially the weather is great and it is so easy to be outside. We love Stanley Park in Vancouver, and only wished we had more time, you just can’t see everything in a day but it is the best for walking and biking.

In Victoria the biking trails seem to go on forever. The Galloping Goose being one of our favourites. There we just drove to where we wanted to start riding so that we could be out in the country for awhile. Back in the city, very close to the ocean, is Beacon Hill Park, another great big green area. Our favourite thing to do here is see the goats. OMG! they are the cutest little buggers. They are running and jumping and binking and causing all sorts of havoc for all of their guests. The fun part is how interactive we all get to be with them. You are not allowed to pick them up but if they decide to climb into your lap or on your back it’s a free for all. All this for just a donation.

It’s easy to see why we love these places and we hope you get a chance to visit one day. Just driving through BC is fabulous but there is always something to see and do at every destination.

We visited both Vancouver and Victoria in June of 2018. We highly recommend you check out helloBC on Instagram as they feature the best pics and quick info on things to see and places to go. Please leave us a comment about your favourite parts of these cities if you have already been or maybe even live in them.

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