Chapter 3 Giveaway!

November 27, 2018

Just in case you are a little confused, I’ll explain our timeline. We are actually, in real life, finishing our Chapter 3 travel time and filming, but our youtube channel and therefore the corresponding blog posts are a few months behind. I know, I know I am trying to edit faster and get more content out but remember I’m a newbie, old girl learning a new game here! It’s coming quicker all of the time but boy do I have a lot to catch up on.

So when we started travelling for Chapter 3 we decided to do a Giveaway, to meet new people and drum up more subscribers. It was great fun and so exciting for us to watch and communicate with new people. You gotta love this lifestyle there is always someone new to meet.

Check out the Giveaway video…

and then the draw for the winner…


Unfortunately, Terry was unable to claim her fabulous Weber Q1200 grill. We were really sad about that.

So next we drew another subscriber to give the grill to and we wanted to tell you all about them.

The new winner of the grill is Sandra and Luis Crespo from 1stClassRVAdventures. We met this great family of full-time RVers at NomadFest in Wellington, TX. They were actually a part of the Epic Nomad Movie, so cool right? Just so you know they will also be having their own reality show on Epic Nomad TV and they were a part of Liz Wilcox’s Full Time Freedom Week.

Quite the resume eh! and they now will be cooking on a grill from us. We are honoured!

If you joined us in the giveaway we truly want to say Thanks to you. We hope you will continue along on our journey and we will continue to provide you with some laughs and some info along the way. So great to have you. Leave us a comment to let us know you are here and what you are up to.  Also, just to relieve the confusion, join us on Instagram at @Doessizematterrv because on Instagram I post where we are at the time.

More about Denise

I am a RV lover. All things RV are intriguing to me right down to the little details. I love to travel, especially in the Beaver, and combining our adventures with our reviews really is having my cake and eating it too. We are rvSometimers, meaning that we do things just a little different then most RV vloggers but it just goes to show that anyone can fit into this lifestyle.

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