Rancho Los Coches, San Diego // RV Park Review

December 8, 2018

Our time in San Diego had a lot of moving parts to it, with getting a rental car, Courtney flying in for a visit and us needing to bring a bike with us places. So, it was important to book a park that had amenities and easy access to things and places we wanted to go to.

We really hit the jackpot at Rancho Los Coches for many reasons. We liked our generous site and the amenities were great. At first we were a little concerned about the distance in to the airport and sites of San Diego but we were pleasantly surprised!

With a car, the distance and time was nothing and the roads were really easy to manage. We never felt inconvenienced due to our location. In fact, our location allowed us to have peace and quiet, except for the lovely birds chirping in the green space behind our rig, amenities and fun days in the city at a much lower cost then staying in the city itself.

Check out the video and we highly recommend booking a site if San Diego is on your itinerary. Then send us a comment to let us know what you liked best.

We visited Rancho Los Coches in April 2018

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