Thule T2 Classic Platform Bike Rack

December 6, 2019

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Set it and forget it!  Literally, both bikes can be loaded or unloaded in about a minute. As you probably know, we don’t tow a vehicle so our bikes come everywhere with us and are our primary source of transportation once we are stopped! In over 45,000 miles of travel we have never worried or even thought about them coming loose or being damaged on the rack, and adjustments can quickly be made for securing bikes of different sizes. 

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    1. I have definitely missed bringing my bike along the way of our travels. Looks like an easy solution!

      1. Hey there, we love our bike rack it is so easy to manage. We always travel with our bikes as our only other form of transportation (no car) and they are just fun for touring around too. What kind of RV do you have that you don’t bring them?

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