Grand Design Bunkhouse // Imagine 2800BH // (Unbiased RV Review)

January 31, 2019

Doing RV Reviews really is the funnest thing. I love checking them all out and this one provided a couple of really great features.

One, it is a Grand Design and these days that is a pretty popular manufacturer, so I was happy to review a lighter weight family friendly model.

Second, the 2800BH is a bunkhouse model. Yes, these bunkhouses are super popular. They generally offer made up bed space for everyone. It also gives extra storage because you can put lots of stuff on or under the bunks.

Kids will get their own space to be in with toys etc… leaving the rest of the space free for other living tasks. Having bunks also allows kids to go to bed without the couch and dinette being used. This totally gives adults some down time in the evening and hopefully some time in the morning without disturbing the little sleeping beauties.

When we asked ourselves Does Size Matter? this is what we thought:

  • the large dinette was great but the very narrow back seat may be a problem
  • the kitchen had a lot of counter space and large drawers
  • the door opening to the master bedroom was large, opening up the space and making it so that when the counter extension was up it did not completely block entry
  • the lighter weight of the trailer allowed it to be towed by a mid duty truck, which would be less expensive yet you still get a roomy trailer to hang out in.

We think this is definitely a family trailer and it could be used for full-time living, Sometimer living or for weekends. It has everything you need and the space for living, so it all depends on your family and how you want to use it.

We would not recommend this trailer for couples or snowbirds simply because you probably don’t need the bunks and the space could be utilized differently for you.

BUT if you are one of those DIY folks, IMAGINE if you removed the bunks and set up a home office or craft room, eh? Now your thinking!

If you have a Imagine 2800BH or are thinking about getting one, we would love to hear your perspective, please leave us a comment. We’d also love to have you along so JOIN US! here and on Instagram, and check out all of our other reviews, adventures and RV Sometimer posts/videos.

We reviewed this Grand Design Imagine in Oct of 2018 in Rockport, TX at Camper Clinic and I know either one of the links will take you to people who would be happy to help you get in one of your own.

Please remember that these are just our opinions based on our research, (you can have your own) and we receive absolutely NO COMPENSATION from anyone to say anything we say. It’s just us and our thoughts and opinions.

More about Denise

I am a RV lover. All things RV are intriguing to me right down to the little details. I love to travel, especially in the Beaver, and combining our adventures with our reviews really is having my cake and eating it too. We are rvSometimers, meaning that we do things just a little different then most RV vloggers but it just goes to show that anyone can fit into this lifestyle.

    1. Thinking of purchasing a GD Reflection 312BHTS and would love your opinion and a review to compare it to Coachmen Freedom Express Maple Edition 320BHDSLE

      1. Hi Lise,

        Thanks for joining us here, it’s nice to have you. It’s very exciting that you are planning on getting an RV and both of the ones you are considering are nice. We have not actually been in the floor plans you are looking at but we have reviewed the construction and some of those other floor plans, which you have probably already seen. We will put the ones you are looking at on our list and if we can find one to film we will so you can see it.

        Our opinion on which one to go with is super hard to give because the Right RV for You depends so much on many factors that are specific to you. These two manufacturers are building their trailers differently and along with that there are going to be pros and cons. The choice depends on how much you plan to use it and what your budget is just to name a few details. As we said, we do like both but the Reflection is considered a little higher in quality of build than the Coachman. That does not mean you should not get the Coachman, it just means that other of your priorities need to be taken into consideration so you can look at what you are willing to give and take on and what is worthy of your dollars to get the Right RV for You. We hope this info helps you some and we would love to spend some time helping you out more if you would like. We are doing 1:1 consulting and could set you up with an initial questionnaire to help us help you specifically. You can let us know if you would like to do that by emailing us at Thanks for reaching out and we would love to hear what you decide. Keep us in the loop please.

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