Vintage 1976 Airstream Argosy RV Tour

May 13, 2019

Let’s see now, what was happening in 1976.

Oh yeah, Mrs. Sanderson was my 1st grade teacher and she twisted my ear for some unknown reason??? I can’t imagine I was chatting too much or not paying attention! Not me!

Kory was running around in the bush doing who knows what, like a little hooligan, but making sure he was always inside at 4:30 to catch The Flintstones.

On the World stage however much more important things were happening, at least that’s what the grown-ups said!

Pierre Trudeau was running Canada, (funny, this year his son is doing the job, sort of) the Olympics were being held in Montreal, riots were beginning in South Africa to end Apartheid, and Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started the Apple Computer company.

Queen and ABBA were making music that would stand the test of time and when I was allowed to stay up I fell in love with a curly haired ginger female comedian and her hilarious side kicks.

In the RV Industry, Airstream was building their flagship travel trailers and the painted version which they called ‘The Argosy’.

For all of us today who love the Airstreams and everything Vintage we were lucky enough to check out the ‘Spirit of 76’ at Jack Seismore’s RV Museum in Amarillo, TX. The outside of this Argosy has been repainted but the inside has just been preserved, and in great shape I might add. It has it’s original floorplan, cabinets, appliances and bathroom.

We have been watching another youtube channel, Drivin’ and Vibin’, completely rebuild a vintage Argosy from the ground up and it is a daunting task but they are on the home stretch and we can’t wait to see how their’s will turn out.

We loved this Argosy Spirit of ’76, and the feel we got when we were inside, like we were about to head out on a Grand Adventure, oh the places we would go and the things we would see.

We hope you enjoy checking out this Vintage Argosy travel trailer as well. Tell us about your dreams or memories with the Argosy in comments below. We’d love to reminisce with you.

More about Denise

I am a RV lover. All things RV are intriguing to me right down to the little details. I love to travel, especially in the Beaver, and combining our adventures with our reviews really is having my cake and eating it too. We are rvSometimers, meaning that we do things just a little different then most RV vloggers but it just goes to show that anyone can fit into this lifestyle.

    1. Lovely looking Airstream Argosy trailer. This is my idea of what a travel trailer should be. I used to know someone who owned one. Sadly, it’s been parked outside, exposed to the elements, and by the time I last saw it, it was in sad shape and in dire need of a restoration.

      1. Thanks for joining us, we are so glad you are here! I think a lot of Argosy’s are ending up with the same fateful death. I love when someone goes above and beyond and does the work to restore them and the many others. I could hang out at an RV Museum forever.

    1. I would be so happy to travel in that nice RV that would be a dream come true

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